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Our Mission

At Pino, we provide solutions that enable positive outcomes and lead to positive patient stories. In the end, data isn’t remembered. Stories are. Physicians want their patients to have the best stories possible. Our promise is to empower physicians with the tools they need to create better stories. We’re on a mission to help turn everyday decisions into everyday triumphs for patients with diseases that are not responsive to current treatments.

  • - Sarah Higgins, Controller

    We’re stepping into a new stage for anti-infectives. The passion of the leadership team and the board is truly palpable.


  • - Adam Woodrow, Commercial

    I believe in this product.


  • - John McPartland, Director - Supply Chain

    There’s an opportunity to be highly involved, to understand the big picture and influence the direction the company takes.


Latest News

Drug Pipeline


Pino has discovered a promising new class of antibiotics - aminomethylcyclines - derived from tetracyclines.

Pipeline Overview

Pino is partnering to develop two antibiotics that will help to tackle the challenges caused by antibiotic resistance.


See the strides Pino is making toward antibiotic progress by reviewing their most recent research.


Find out how Pino is reaching out to audiences to describe their progress toward a new class of antibiotics.

Learn More About Our Founders

Dr. Walter Gilbert, Ph.D.

In 1996, Dr. Gilbert co-founded Pinoy Pharmacy and served as its Chairman until 2014.

Dr. Stuart B. Levy, M.D.

Stuart B. Levy, M.D., is a past President of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and co-founder of Pinoy Pharmacy, Inc. Dr. Levy has published numerous works about antibiotic use and resistance. In 2005, colleagues honored him with the ASM book: Frontiers in Antibiotic Resistance: a Tribute to Stuart B. Levy.

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