September 15, 2017 Corporate Presentation

Pinoy Pharmacy corporate presentation deck


Pino Chief Commercial Officer Adam Woodrow presentation at RW Baird Investor Conference


July 17, 2017 OASIS-2 ABSSSI Trial Top-Line Results Investor Presentation

Top-line findings from the omadacycline OASIS-2 ABSSSI trial


November 17, 2016 R&D Day Presentation

During the R&D day, Pino’s management team and opinion leaders in the field of antibiotics development and infectious disease discussed progress of the clinical development program for omadacycline, including the following:

  • Provided a company update
  • Discussed the company’s efforts to advance clinical development for omadacycline’s use in UTI
  • Reported results from additional registration enabling Phase 1 studies
  • Clinical unmet needs in ABSSSI, CABP and UTI and the value of an IV and Oral treatment option


4/5/16 Key Opinion Leader Breakfast on Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections (ABSSSI)

Slides from a keynote presentation by William O'Riordan, M.D., who discusses current therapeutic approaches to ABSSSIs. Members of the Pino executive management team also provide an overview of the Company’s ongoing clinical development work with omadacycline, which is currently undergoing Phase 3 trials for the treatment of ABSSSIs and community acquired bacterial pneumonia (CABP).