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Product Review: SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine) Supplements Review

Initial Posting: 1/16/16 
Sam-e supplements reviewed by

Not All SAM-e Supplements Pass Quality Tests
Five-Fold Range in Cost of SAM-e Across Brands -- Find the Best Value
Find Out Now If Yours Passed!

SAM-e supplements tested and reviewed in report
Cellfood SAM-e Liquid Formula Nature Made SAM-e Complete Spring Valley [Walmart] SAMe
CVS pharmacy SAM-e Nature's Sunshine SAM-e Swanson Ultra High-Potency SAMe
Designs For Health SAMe NOW SAMe The Vitamin Depot Double Strength SAM-e
Doctor's Best Double-Strength SAMe RiteAid Pharmacy SAM-e 200 mg Vitacost SAM-e
GNC SAM-e    
Cellfood SAM-e Liquid Formula CVS pharmacy SAM-e Designs For Health SAMe Doctor's Best Double-Strength SAMe GNC SAM-e Nature Made SAM-e Complete Nature's Sunshine SAM-e NOW SAMe RiteAid Pharmacy SAM-e 200 mg Spring Valley [Walmart] SAMe Swanson Ultra High-Potency SAMe The Vitamin Depot Double Strength SAM-e Vitacost SAM-e
Make sure the SAM-e supplement you take passed our test and quality rating and is right for you!
Isn't your health worth it?
SAM-e is involved in many functions in the body and, as a supplement, has been shown to be helpful in reducing the pain of osteoarthritis as well as improving mood in major depression. But which SAM-e supplements are best? selected 10 SAM-e supplements and tested them to see whether they contained their claimed amounts of SAM-e, and if the enteric coatings (which protect SAM-e in the stomach) worked properly. One product was discovered to contain only 77% of its listed SAM-e.

SAM-e can be expensive, with products costing as much as $3 per day. Among the products which passed testing (including three products tested through CL's voluntary Quality Certification Program), CL determined which provided the best value. It found three products which passed all tests and provided 400 mg of high-quality SAM-e for as little as 51 to 63 cents. In addition, each was enteric-coated to protect SAM-e from stomach acids and sold in blister packs to prevent spoilage from moisture, as SAMe is a sensitive compound.

In this comprehensive report about SAM-e (also called SAMe, S-adenosyl-methionine, or S-adenosyl-L-methionine), you'll get test results and quality ratings for 13 SAM-e supplements. You'll learn:
    • Which SAM-e supplements passed or failed testing 
    • Direct comparisons and quality ratings of SAM-e supplements, including cost comparisons showing you can pay anywhere from 51 cents to over $3 for the same amount of SAM-e -- it pays to compare prices  
    • What SAM-e can and cannot do for your health
    • Tips on buying SAM-e and how to properly store it
    • SAM-e dosage for different conditions
    • Concerns, drug interactions, and potential side-effects of SAM-e 

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